Election ’08

He who slings mud generally loses ground.
– Adlai stevenson

Well that’s it. Nobody landed a knockout blow to dramatically alter the polls in the final pre-election debate last night. Race over I reckon. The USA has a new leader. Welcome to the White House President David Palmer. Sorry, I obviously meant Barack Obama. I can’t be the only one to have noticed the similarities with the character played by Dennis Haysbert in 24 – there was even an assassination plot!

This election seems to have been going on forever but the end is in sight. In stark contrast, Canada has held three elections in the past four years and at least it has the attention of the people, unlike the general apathy that an election is greeted with here in the UK.

Obama is in favour of Net Neutrality which won him the geek plaudits. The material on the Internet makes it easy to poke fun at the Republicans so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. McCain voted for the DCMA and, in a great turn of fate, YouTube have been removing his “fair use” campaign clips in accordance with said act – much to his chagrin.

I keep having a worrying thought: what if McCain and Palin win in just under three weeks time? Can you seriously imagine the gibberish-talking Sarah Palin as President?

She has been impersonated fantastically by both Tina Fey and Gina Gershon and rather disturbingly by the South American dwarf Internet star La Pequeña. Even John Cleese has been voicing his opinion of her.

Some people are obviously going to vote Republican and are just plain insane for McCain or are naming their offspring after Palin.

I think the opinion of the Internet can be summed up pretty well with the brilliantly simple but powerful “Candidates as . . .” meme.

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