The List

In a moment of boredom while away travelling I was reflecting on the new experiences I had encountered and started cobbling together a list of more things I wanted to do. This may sound like the plotline of The Bucket List but there are a few differences. First and foremost, I’m not terminally ill. Secondly, perhaps because I’m younger than the characters in the movie, there are more than just 12 things on my list of things to do (or see) before I die.

Also pertinent is the news that Dave Freeman died last week. In case you’ve not heard of him before, he wrote the book 100 Things To Do Before You Die. He apparently managed to cross off roughly half of the things on his list according to his family. He was 47 years old and died from a head injury after a fall.

I’ve included few things I did on my hiatus and it was still pretty difficult making this list as long as it is. I may have to purchase Dave’s book for some inspiration but these lists have to be personal I guess. The following collection will probably wax and wane at random intervals as I age:

  1. Experience the midnight sun
  2. See the Northern lights (although I guess the Aurora Australis would suffice)
  3. Bungee jump
  4. Swim with dolphins
  5. Canyon swing
  6. Run a marathon
  7. Join the 300 club
  8. Find a wife and start a family (I don’t know if this counts for two or not)
  9. Shower under a waterfall
  10. Ride a camel to the pyramids
  11. Go SCUBA diving
  12. Gamble in vegas
  13. See the Grand Canyon
  14. Get a tattoo
  15. Watch a series of 24 in real time
  16. Go to Oktoberfest
  17. Build an igloo
  18. Build a treehouse
  19. Carnival in Rio
  20. Go hot air ballooning
  21. Finish the Alphabet Hogmanay Tour
  22. Grow all of my own ingredients for a meal
  23. Go into space (or at least experience weightlessness)
  24. Write a book
  25. Run with the bulls in Pamplona
  26. Skydive
  27. Go skinny dipping
  28. Jump from a pier
  29. Sleep under the stars
  30. Grow a beard
  31. Travel the world
  32. Have a Turkish shave

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