Olympic review

I’ve just been reviewing some amazing photographs and recalling some great memories from a stunning couple of weeks of sport. I guess that’s what you’d be wanting after spending £20 billion on something in a way that a democracy just couldn’t do. I must admit that I’m suffering from a hefty case of post-Olympic come-down. The days ahead just seem so . . . empty somehow.

As well as wonderful ceremonies, the technology used to bring us the Games stepped up a gear or three. From manipulating the weather (with various degrees of success), delivering Olympic content over the Internet to improving athlete performance, science has played a bigger part this year than ever before. Strangely though, the Olympics still use a “loud gun” instead of a “silent gun” in track events which gives athletes in the inside lane an advantage.

Obviously there was always going to be a fair amount of controversy. Right from the off with the opening ceremony and those faked firework footprints but more disappointing was the story of Yang Peiyi, the child deemed not photogenic enough to sing to the world. The judging was called into question on several occasions as well as reports of under age competitors and ‘re-education’ for some Chinese protesters. There also now appears to be some accusations flying with respect to the musical arrangements of the national anthems. Not all the deception was by the Chinese though. NBC seemingly altered the order in which they showed the countries marching into the stadium.

The best performance by team GB in a century saw us finish fourth although the rather annoying way that American media order the medal table by the total number of medals won had us placed there for longer.

Now for Bo Jo and Coe, the real work must begin in earnest to ensure that London delivers a memorable event in 2012 for all the right reasons.

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