Seek and ye shall find

While the rest of the country was busy watching Super Saturday and the British “great haul of China“, I joined 167 other scavengers solving cryptic clues, seeking out items and performing tasks all across Edinburgh for the Festival Scavenger Hunt. If you saw people running around the city carrying obscure items like kitchen sinks yesterday then it’s a fair bet that they were also taking part.

Unfortunately we didn’t win but we did have a lot of fun along the way.

People initially asked which charity the hunt was in aid of but were more curious when we explained what was actually going on. I’m looking forward to seeing what has been made of all the submissions for a week-long exhibition at the City Art Centre that starts tomorrow.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the following people and businesses who helped me out during the day: The Dress Fabric Shop, Twigs Florists, The Bruntsfield Hotel, Cockburns Delicatessen, Greggs Bakery, Witchery Tours and the friends I pestered with phone calls and text messages. Twitter proved useless yet again. Obviously thanks also go to the organisers, my team mates and Whitespace for entering the teams and allowing us to use the office as a base of operations.

A full list of the clues and their point value follow.

  1. Make a freestanding seriffed number one from cardboard, for one point.
  2. One, two… not necessarily from a shoe.
  3. Flat appendage growing from a bird’s skin.
  4. Any found 2D circular object.
  5. What do points mean? Prove your loyalty.
  6. She sells…
  7. Sir Henry Cole sent it first. Any old one will do.
  8. For a tub, not a cone.
  9. An airmail sticker from any country other than the UK.
  10. Any old plant pot.
  11. A Parkhouse. Wood. Don’t get hung up about it.
  12. Masquerades as currency for kids. No notes.
  13. A fortune cookie fortune.
  14. UHT portion.
  15. A piece of John Spilsbury. It’s just not cricket and we don’t need enlightenment.
  16. Paint a face onto the head of a drawing pin.
  17. Lepidoptera in a matchbox.
  18. A cup of coffee.
  19. Hamwi’s zalabia.
  20. For an easy twenty points bring back five empty shoeboxes.
  21. Change a spoon into a fork.
  22. Given away so that when you write you read their name.
  23. Any naturally occurring heart shape.
  24. Make a maquette of George Meikle Kemp’s commemoration out of chip forks.
  25. Anything inflatable but not a balloon.
  26. Anything stuffed but not an olive.
  27. Find an occurrance of the word ‘frog’ in any work of fiction written originally or translated into English, photocopy the page, highlight the word ‘frog’ and include a full bibliographic citation.
  28. A snapshot of anyone standing next to a piper.
  29. This propelled Erik Rotheim to fame.
  30. A bound lock of ginger hair.
  31. Any Accountant’s business card. It must state their profession.
  32. Toad in the; Courtney Love; in one.
  33. Inca left undiscovered.
  34. Any piece of dolls house furniture.
  35. National Museum Viking grave. Item 6. Anyone will do.
  36. Gormley Field. One out of tin foil.
  37. Sunnyside up or easy over.
  38. A ‘white’ towel, tea towel or item of clothing that is no longer white because it has been washed in with coloured fabrics.
  39. Joseph-Ignace and old ornament.
  40. Witches’ Memorial. According to the sign what has the dual significance of evil and wisdom? Sculpt one from a candle.
  41. In humans there are thirteen, divided into two groups; four fat soluble and nine water soluble. Bring one back in its supplementary form.
  42. A price tag for an item costing 1.972308292331602² in pounds and pence.
  43. Make a freestanding cardboard doll of Scotland’s First Minister, measuring at least 15 cm tall.
  44. Ena Sharples wasn’t seen without one on top.
  45. Every page is a coward; cut from rectangle to square.
  46. OK, so we don’t need the canopic jars or the ushabtis, but you’re going to need the linen strips. Dolly will do.
  47. An imitation or toy mobile phone.
  48. Clean favourite with Blue Peter.
  49. Escalator EAST TO EDINBURGH. Take away ‘bed’ and ‘tutors’. What are you left with?
  50. The Salisbury Centre. Ask for Sarah.
  51. A game of snooker or a unit of film. Gold coloured please.
  52. Describe your journey to City Art Centre this morning using a minimum of 30 words cut out from a newspaper and glued to the back of any old postcard.
  53. Don’t be a coward; pulled to make dreams come true.
  54. A black and white photobooth portrait of a child.
  55. Trample on four eyes.
  56. Not cashew and lightning.
  57. The People’s Story. What did the Joiners of Edinburgh carry in the Edinburgh Reform Jubilee Grand Procession on 10 August 1832? Make your own.
  58. Ripped not shaved.
  59. A corrugated cardboard model of Edinburgh Castle using a fruit box, the logo of which must be visible in the model.
  60. Dance for All, St. Stephen Street. Ask for Julie.
  61. Any action figure that is not Wonder Woman dressed as Wonder Woman.
  63. Potato Tiggy-Winkle.
  64. An original printed document from the year 19XX, with XX being your team number: i.e., team 1, 1901; team 2, 1902 etc.
  65. 11:30 am PROMPT. Scotland’s Disgrace; Greek Tragedy.
  66. George Washington’s were made from hippopotamus ivory and gold and were stolen from Smithsonian.
  67. Kick it. No balls.
  68. Great Junction Street and Ferry Road crossroads. Top Right. What is the woman in the green dress carrying in her crate? Get one.
  69. Bake the letter in FESTIVAL SCAVENGERS that corresponds to your team number position in the alphabet.
  70. Visit Priscilla’s. Ask for Dazglaz.
  71. Not spice or magazine but toast.
  72. You’re prosthetic. Normally cut off to spite a face.
  73. Go to Benson & Forsyth’s roof and euroscope out the clue in the classroom window.
  74. Decorate a fairy cake with the word WIN using at least 3 different edible substances.
  75. 1.30 pm PROMPT. Crags Sports Centre.
  76. Munich, Nice, Florence, Dunedin, San Diego, Xi’an, Kiev, Aalborg. What is missing? First syllable. A toy one will do.
  77. Fowler, Baker Arrol. A postcard pre-dating 1950.
  78. Knit the letters ‘FS’.
  79. Digital age deception named after children’s handicraft. Make one.
  80. Quick foot to 5 Marischal Place.
  81. Ullus libri in contraho.
  82. Lisa Gherardini. Paint your own; postcard size.
  83. What did five schoolboys discover in a small carefully protected cave high on the slopes below the summit of Arthur’s Seat in 1836 (reported by The Scotsman on July 16 that year)? Make one of your own.
  84. 7″ at 45. King sleeve.
  85. 3pm PROMPT. The Kirk below the Castle.
  86. Promenade with John. Doric, Ionic or Corinthian. What has the lion got in his hand? Make one out of cardboard.
  87. A lipstick dick print.
  88. Arbuthnott. The Chaos Clock. The Lightning King was already sitting on the shore. What had he made in front of him? Make your own.
  89. Queen’s Drive. Routemaster. Green letter anagram.
  90. Robert Louis Stevenson’s home in Heriot Row. Go to ‘A’ downstairs – not the main door.
  91. Cole called for it in the middle of the night.
  92. Witch transport.
  93. A Polaroid photograph of a skip.
  94. Show your pass for free entry. Xiao Xuan’an 2001 Zigui Hubei. Workers X X at demolition site. Produce your own. Contents unnecessary.
  95. 4.30 pm PROMPT. Don’t be late for class. Leith Academy. Use the front door.
  96. Any piece of folding furniture.
  97. Employees on their way up the career.
  98. Show your pass for free entry. Promotional material from the Young Bond Graphic Novel due out in Autumn 1008. First class stamps. What does the central one depict? A real one please.
  99. Ric Ocasek + Jim Morrison. Forget the ‘s’.
  100. You’ve brought everything but; now that too.

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