It’s good to be back

I enjoy working with like-minded people: the kind of petty pedant1 that immediately spots the flaws in statements like “only five people died during the construction of the Empire State Building” or spends time debating whether replay television channels should be named +1 or −1. I believe that it’s something inherent to jobs that involve some level of computer programming and the precision required. Computers are still pretty dumb but they make up for this in terms of sheer processing power. If you’re not precise when giving instructions then strange things happen.

It took me longer than I care to admit to remember how to concatenate strings in JavaScript last Monday morning but things started to come back to me pretty quickly and, by mid-afternoon, my muscle memory had kicked in to aid with passwords and the like. I may no longer remember how to work the toaster in the office but my OCD / kitchen Nazism is still as rampant as ever.

My first week back at the coal face was rounded off with a bit of excitement and a surprise visitor on Friday afternoon when a young seagull wandered into reception for a quick look around.

1 These same people will no doubt check my HTML source code to ensure that I’ve used the correct character at the end of this sentence.

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