iPhone software 2.0

The new functionality that is included in the version 2.0 software release fixes a couple of the few things that annoyed me with the iPhone. I installed it last night after people with too much time on their hands found the software on Apple’s servers thanks to examining a bunch of XML files. I was in two minds as to whether or not to go ahead or wait for the official release from Apple but I was starting to adjust my body clock and needed something to do. I did have problems and was kicking myself for being impatient but after a few restarts of software and reboots of hardware I managed to restore my iPhone and update the software successfully.

Setting my timezone used to be a problem. No matter what I set it to, when I went back to the homescreen my timezone would revert to London. A full restore the other week fixed this issue but others remained.

Whenever my headphones were yanked out the volume slider would move down substantially. When I plugged back in, the slider stayed where is was but the volume didn’t change accordingly. This still doesn’t seem to but it is nowhere near as bad it was.

The fact that anything stored in the memory of the calculator was wiped if you quit the application. However, the result of the last calculation was still on the display when you went back to the calculator. This has now been fixed and in we get a scientific calculator when the iPhone is held in landscape mode. The calculator buttons also now click when pressed.

The calendars are no longer all lumped together as one. You can choose which ones to display and there is some colour-coding to help you differentiate between events in different calendars.

My contacts that I had marked as a favourite, oft-called number have disappeared but the contacts themselves are still there. Nothing major involved in getting them back as they were.

Alarms for the working week, weekend and occasional alarms used to be listed in the order that I added them but now seem to be listed in chronological order. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

The airplane symbol now actually flies in and out when the flight mode status is toggled on and off. Nothing gratuitous but I thought it was a nice touch.

I then went and grabbed a few of the free applications from the AppStore (NetNewsWire, Facebook, VoiceNotes, Light and Remote) and also purchased a copy of Super Monkey Ball which may prove to be a mistake if I ever want to get anything done. It is very addictive. NetNewsWire is great and has replaced the iPhone formatted webpage on my home screen. Unlike the Facebook application with does most things that the iPhone did apart from letting me see my wall. On the other hand it does feature the chat capability.

The best application for me though is the much-rumoured iTunes / Apple TV remote. It is simply awesome. Could this be the thing behind the mysterious comments from Steve Jobs four years ago when Apple introduced the Airport Express and AirTunes and Walt Mossberg complained that he would have to get up to play a track and asked how he could control his music from another room.

“Wait and see” answered Jobs with a wry smile.

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4 thoughts on “iPhone software 2.0”

  1. I really hope that the Times article was supposed to be funny. I weep for the future of journalism if such ill-researched, inaccurate and uninformed drivel makes the grade otherwise.

  2. “The calendars are no longer all lumped together as one. You can choose which ones to display and there is some colour-coding to help you differentiate between events in different calendars.”

    So… about these multiple calendars. I haven’t seen this on my phone. I’m syncing with windows though – no mac at the moment. I can’t find any references to how one would color-code items in the iPhone calendar, either in help, or on the phone, or anywhere online. Nor can I find info on how one would sync it with something that supports multiple calendars. I’m curious where you are making this color (sorry – colour 🙂 coding on the iPhone, or do you just mean you are doing it in iCal and it is now being copied over to iPhone?

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