Big in Japan

Yesterday I took a trip to Akihabara – the electronics center of Tokyo. Gadgets, toys and flashing lights are everywhere there. It is quieter than usual at the moment after the horrific attack last month and the subsequent attack on a policeman a couple of weeks after. All the same, I thought that it was still pretty busy.

Today I met up with a friend and his mum who is over visiting too. After wandering through the gardens of the Imperial Palace this morning and having a sushi lunch on the grass, we tried to go to the Sumo Museum but it’s closed for the week unfortunately. In contrast to the wrestlers themselves it’s very small so it was no great loss. We headed to the nearby Edo-Tokyo Museum as planned. About halfway through the tour a petite Indonesian girl came up and asked me if she could have her photo taken with me purely because I was so tall.

We finished off the day with a bite to eat in Andy’s Shin Hinomoto. I’m not the biggest fan of raw fish. In fact I’m with the school of thought that suggests an alternative name for sushi: “bait”. Even still, the food was very nice. The place was really busy (I’m told that this is as per usual) but we managed to squeeze even though we hadn’t booked. I would suggest you do book if you ever want to go there.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time exploring the streets of Asakusa and had to take in Sensō-ji while I’m here. There has been a scaffolding forest growing around the area around the temple over the past few days. I found out today that this is for the Hozuki Market where 600,000 people are expected today and tomorrow. Apparently praying here on July 10 is the equivalent of praying for 46,000 days.

You can see the attraction.

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