Time passes

I got talking to a fellow traveler from Edinburgh today and was mortified when she got excited about Pokémon being on television. It turns out that she was really into it when she was younger. I guess it’s only like Transformers and Star Wars in my formative years.

I only realised recently – to my horror – that people born in 1990 are of legal drinking age (in the UK at least). There’s only seven years age difference between my brother and me but there are a few things I mention that he refuses to believe ever happened.

Remembering the following things actually make me start to feel old:

  • Only having three channels of television and the stations closed down overnight after playing the national anthem.
  • Weathermen physically sticking symbols on to a board shaped like the UK.
  • Half penny coins.
  • Can ring pulls that actually detached.
  • Getting change from a pound note when going to the cinema – and having a snack.
  • Being able to smoke anywhere apart from the bottom deck of the bus.

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One thought on “Time passes”

  1. Now as you know I spend a lot of time with 16/17 year olds so you’re spot on…get’s really scary when you hear something on the radio and dismiss it as being ‘just noise’ or using comments like ‘you’ll have someone’s eye out’ or ‘there’s plenty of water in the tap’!

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