Mr. Pot? Meet Mr. Kettle

Gordon Ramsey is in Sydney at the moment for the Good Food and Wine Show. While here, he has been mentioned in the parliament for his abusive language and rudeness on television. To clarify, that’s the Australian parliament. Oh the irony! Aussies swear like a docker who just stubbed his toe at the best of times.

A few years ago I got talking to an Australian girl in a bar in Edinburgh. Once she realised that I was English she asked me how I felt having the whole world hate me. I explained that not everyone in the world knew me and enquired if having such a pleasant demeanour helped her make friends easily. The conversation carried on in a similar vein for a while until I eventually lost patience and told the criminal to rack off.

Chef Ramsey has snubbed Sydney and opted to locate his first restaurant in Melbourne instead. Apparently he thinks Melbourne is more like New York. I’ll find out for myself this week.

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