Queenstown – Wanaka (70 miles)

After mastering clutch control once again in the motel car park, I left Queenstown – voted the friendliest place on the planet by Condé Nast. The drive up to Wanaka passed without incident. The scenery was gorgeous and very reminiscent of Scotland. It seems that everywhere I go there is something reminding me of home: places, street names, statues and even smells.

Wanaka is a beautiful little place. Every third car here appears to be some flavour of Subaru- usually a Legacy. It seems that the distinctive engine noise is almost permanently in the background.

I’ve finally figured out the proper day and date: it’s Friday the 13th. Although I’m not paraskavedekatriaphobic, I decided not to tempt fate and put a stop to the adrenaline activities for now. Besides, the revised ski resort opening dates are still a couple of weeks away. Instead I went for a gentle stroll alongside Lake Wanaka to Eery Point Reserve.

The past few weeks were designed to get me out of my comfort zone and they certainly succeeded. It’s nice to see some familiar faces again though. There’s less than a month to go before I’m back in the UK and still a lot to pack in1.

1 Speaking of packing, why did I not know about bundle packing before I left? Wrapping everything around a central core of Ninja folded T-shirts has revolutionised my travelling.

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