It’s too orangey for crows

I decided to head down to Rotorua, the cultural heartland of New Zealand today. I had a wander around the geothermal pools of Kuirau Park and gazed over to Mokoai Island. There is a strong smell of sulphur in the air because of the multitude of vents and also steam billowing out practically everywhere.

While I was there I had to try Zorbing. Specifically a Zydro experience where you aren’t harnessed in, but sit in the Zorb with a couple of buckets worth of (thankfully warm) water. I guess it was like being back in the womb. Actually, more like being in a washing machine once the thing got going down the zigzag path. I should have thought ahead and taken some socks and thrown them in there with me.

If I’m being honest (and I usually am), New Zealand was almost an afterthought. I’m glad I made the stop though and I would like to come back when it’s summer here and explore the islands and culture.

At least I’m used to the local time now. Adjusting for Australia and Japan will not be such a big deal anymore.

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