Do you Twitter?

My rule of thumb is if I can mention something in the pub and my non-geek friends have heard of it then it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a success. Even among my switched-on geek brethren Twitter isn’t all that popular.

Just when I had something possibly exciting to broadcast Twitter was unavailable again. I could have sworn that the monkey man himself, Steve Ballmer, walked in to the restaurant last night. I tried again and then checked Twitter’s status to find that it wasn’t actually down at all. It just wasn’t working.

At the risk of invoking Evan’s ire, Twitter is next to useless at the moment. Okay, so it may have broken the news of the Chinese earthquake. It can get you out of jail. There are stories of the LA firefighters using it and it can even tell you when to water your plants. Twistori is interesting but Twitter needs a sticky killer app before the masses adopt it but before that can happen it really has to get the stability problems sorted out.

Switching hosts and abandoning Ruby on Rails may be a start but there’s a long way to go.

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