Greenfield – San Francisco (148 miles)

Well that’s the drive over and done with. I drove through at least half a dozen Beaver Creeks and giggled at every single one of them. Today I drove by Silicon Valley, Paolo Alto and Mountain View into San Francisco itself.

The trip down the coast has been spectacular and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I got the chance. I did miss a lot of the view points out as I think that I’d barely be a quarter of the way along the journey right now if I were to jump out of the car every single time there was something to photograph. Besides, I had already passed the stopping area a lot of the time before I noticed that there was a great view to my left. Keeping my eyes on the road was uppermost in my mind as there are a lot of treacherous corners along the way. I almost wish I had a chauffeur.

I handed the car back at the airport but San Francisco had no record of the rental and got on the phone to get the contract closed. Edward in Vancouver was bordering on being apoplectic and tried to charge me $5,000 for an unauthorised drop off. I didn’t ask if that was US or Canadian – not that it really matters with the exchange rate. I did tell him that there was no way I was paying that as I had it in black and white on the rental contract in front of me that it was okay for the car to be returned to San Francisco airport. The staff at the airport could see this and were perfectly happy to accept the car. I informed Edward that I had handed the car back, was about to head for the airtrain and that he could reach me on my mobile once he’d cleared up the confusion at his end. 20 minutes later I received a call from a guy called Peter – I guess Edward was having a lie down or something – who apologised and said that everything was okay.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drink a lot of beer and stay up aaaallll night!

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