Eureka – Mendocino (146 miles)

“Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.”
– Kenyan proverb

The sun burned through the clouds just as I took a slight detour and entered the Avenue of the Giants. The XM radio didn’t really stand a chance of breaking through the canopy so the radio got switched off. Besides, blasting out Mr. Vain by Culture Beat would have kind of taken away from the majesty of the place. I hunched over the steering wheel in order to get a better view and to try and take in the sheer scale of things.

I turned off Highway 101 and on to State Route 1 and the road changed remarkably to a narrow, winding, single-lane affair. The coastal views were stunning, as expected. It took a little longer than I planned, the road being as it is, but I eventually arrived in Mendocino in the mid-afternoon. What a truly wonderful little town. It would seem to be exclusively inhabited by artists, poets and hippies. There’s not much to do here but relax and enjoy the headlands. It’s probably one of the most anti-mobile phone towns on the planet – which is no bad thing. I swear that I didn’t know this before I arrived but Mendocino is also the setting for the fictional Cabot Cove from Murder, She Wrote.

The place isn’t cheap. In fact it has been nicknamed ‘Spendocino’ by some, but in my opinion it’s worth it. I toured the Ford house museum and tourist information center who were kind enough to book me into the Joshua Grindle Inn. Once again, fortune was on my side and I ended up paying the single room rate but staying in the Master bedroom with the comfiest four-poster and wonderful touches like a teddy bear on the bed and rubber ducks in the bath. Such a warm welcome and amazing breakfast are unfortunately a rarity these days. I can’t commend the place more.

To paraphrase Lucidity by Kinobe, if you were to interview a butterfly – which live for only a few days – standing on the branches of a sequoia tree – which may live for over 1000 years – and ask “Do you perceive the object on which you stand as being alive?” then the butterfly would reply “Of course not. I’ve been here all my life and the tree hasn’t done a thing!”.

It’s the same problem with human kind and the planet.

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