Toronto – Vancouver (2088 miles)

Isn’t technology wonderful? I was worried about missing the Champions League final and probably would have had to change my flight had Liverpool beaten Chelsea in the semi but it turns out that I needn’t have worried. WestJet had ESPN available on their seat-back screens so I managed to catch the game at 40,000 feet. Annoyingly we landed 30 minutes ahead of schedule so I missed a large chunk of the second half but I made it through baggage reclaim in plenty time to take up a seat at the bar for extra time and the ensuing penalties.

I have to say that I’m glad Manchester United won. I only actually dislike them now compared with hating Chelsea with a passion and I think that it was somehow a fitting victory 50 years on from the Munich disaster. Bobby Charlton showed so much decorum when Platini tried to give him a winners medal and you have to admire the sportsman in Paul Scholes who went straight to console the opposition.

I had another celebratory pint with the Liverpool supporting barman and then made my way into Vancouver on the Airporter bus trying to spot anything that looked vaguely familiar but a lot has changed in the six years since I last visited the city.

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One thought on “Toronto – Vancouver (2088 miles)”

  1. I have to say, yes I hate Chelsea but then i realised ten years from now Chelsea will be back to being Chelsea.

    So I was cheering on Chelsea, well maybe. More like praying for a pitch invasion and for ufea to forfit the match and Barcelona and Liverpool to re-play the final a week later.

    Hope your enjoying your travels


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