Good times!

I’m unsure as to what a weekend in Toronto is actually like as it seems that everybody leaves when Friday comes around. Last weekend was spent watching a friend win his first two races of the Ontario Formula Ford Challenge season at Mosport raceway and this weekend I had the pleasure and distinct privilege of being introduced to “Cottage Country” for the Victoria Day holiday. The landscape around Georgian Bay is simply stunning.

The unofficial start to the BBQ season gave me a very Canadian experience (or so I’m reliably informed). A couple of hundred kilometers north of Toronto on a long weekend, Caesars for breakfast, drinking Lakeport with hockey on the TV and listening to Neil Young in the background. All I was missing was a toque and some Poutine. It suddenly dawned on me at some point in the afternoon on Saturday while sitting out in the sunshine, watching shuffleboard and a friend playing acoustic guitar beside me: I was the happiest I’d been in a long time

We returned to Toronto last night just in time for the celebratory fireworks that marked the end of the first long weekend of the year.

This afternoon I took one last wander around the downtown area before I leave in the morning for Vancouver. I decided that I couldn’t leave before heading up the dominant feature of the Toronto skyline – the CN Tower, while it is still (I need to word this carefully) the Worlds tallest freestanding completed structure. The view from 1465 feet (the highest tourist-accessible point – the Sky Pod observation deck) was quite something. Apparently you can see Niagara Falls on a clear day. The glass floor on the lower level offered a different view – straight down 1100 feet. I’m not too bad with heights generally but this was the weirdest feeling I’ve had in a long time and I was stepping very gingerly despite being reassured that the glass could support 14 hippos. I felt like Indiana Jones undertaking “The Path of God” in The Last Crusade.

I find it hard to believe that I’ve been here for two weeks and coming up for a month since I left Edinburgh. My hair has gone a couple of shades blonder and I’ve got a halfway decent tan. I’m not completely switched off but I’ve slowed down considerably. I’m no longer strung out on caffeine, eating every other hour and I’m sleeping a lot better too.

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