There will be water

I spent most of today visiting Niagara Falls which was absolutely awesome. Such natural beauty coupled with stunning gardens and parks can’t fail to impress. Juxtaposed with this is Clifton Hill which can only be described as super-tacky. I did check on the Lego Brick City to check that there was no mention of ‘Legos‘ and chanced my arm to see if I could get free entry to the Guinness World Records Museum by dint of being an ex-record holder but no dice.

Those of you who read Alex’s comment will already know that the flow is artificially controlled (way to steal my thunder dude). The Falls were receding by three or four feet per year before the flow control was put into place and now this erosion has been pared back to around a foot every decade.

On the way back to Toronto we stopped at Lakeview winery to sample a few of their wines. Their Vidal Icewine was absolutely gorgeous and if you get the chance I’d highly recommend it.

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2 thoughts on “There will be water”

  1. Hello,

    Sounds like a cracking trip – but the important question is, Was your crate climbing feat given an exhibit in the museum?

    enjoy the wineries, there will be more to come!

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