Oh Canada, Eh!

One thing that is most noticeable here in Canada is the amount of trust that is involved in everyday life. An excellent case-in-point is the City Café Bakery in Kitchener where you are trusted to total your own bill and pay on your way out.

I’m so unused to this honour system way of thinking that I stood for a full uneasy 30 seconds waiting for a ticket at the subway station the other day before remembering that no ticket is actually issued and then walking through the turnstile with mumbled apologies.

You’d think that there would be an abundance of free (a.k.a. “unsecured”) Wifi with all of this trust. You’d be wrong. Coming from New York where freely available wireless access is legion (by design or otherwise) to Toronto where everything is nailed down tight is proving to be a tad annoying.

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