I ♥ NY

Just as it says on the t-shirt.

I spent lunchtime in Central Park where “passive activities like reading, relaxing, sunbathing and daydreaming are encouraged” and then this afternoon walking around the American Museum of Natural History.

My New York City Pass has finally paid off over the past couple of days with free audio commentary at the Empire State Building and a free pass to the Hayden Planetarium today (with narration by Robert Redford no less). I think I really needed about five hours to walk round the exhibits to give everything the attention it deserved. The last hour was certainly rushed.

Walking around New York with a bag slung over my shoulder sent me back 11 years to my Southwestern Summer but I think the least said about that the better. A large part of my wanderings have been spent in mushin which has really helped to to relax and unwind. As I thought would happen, all my fears and doubts faded away once I was actually on the plane over here.

I didn’t really think that I’d enjoy myself quite this much. Big cities tend to put me on edge somewhat but I haven’t experienced that once while I’ve been here. Admittedly, I’ve not seen much outside Manhattan and Brooklyn but I’ve really liked everything that I have seen.

Standout moments will have to be the “Top of the Rock” observation deck at the Rockerfeller Center, Central Park, the Natural History Museum and randomly talking to a bewildered Jewish grandma over a sandwich on her first visit to a Subway one busy lunchtime.

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