Lessons learned

  • If you’re not bothered about getting off the boat and on to to island to look at the Statue of Liberty, you can just take the free Staten Island Ferry.
  • Access to several museums is by way of a “recommended donation”. You can do a Homer Simpson but the amount is usually fare for what you’ll experience.
  • Remembering my ID is a lot easier than persuading seven feet and 400 pounds of muscle with ears to let you in the bar anyway.
  • There is no exam comparable with The Knowledge here in New York. Six taxis turned down my fare when I eventually hailed them last Friday night as they were worried about getting lost somewhere along the short trip into Brooklyn. I’ve since been advised that this is illegal.
  • Never drink in a bar with the word “Hog” in the name.
  • Flickr has a bandwidth limit unless you’re a Pro user. I hadn’t found the “resize picture before uploading” option and uploading my photos full-size soon ate through it. I used 93% of it in four days, partly thanks to uploading some of the same pictures multiple times when having wireless connection issues. I also fixed my Flickr link.
  • A better camera lets you take better photographs. I’m starting to play a little more with my Canon G9 and I’m liking it more and more. I’m so glad I took a decent camera with me on my trip to document things.