Englishman in New York

An obvious post title I know, but you’d better get used to them.

I had a wander around Brooklyn this morning to get my bearings then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, down Broadway and Wall Street to Battery Park. And that’s where the next hour or so of fun began.

For some reason the Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island queuing system is overly complicated and woefully under explained. Don’t be tempted to join the large queue at the pier straight away. First you’ll have to queue for the Castle Clinton and then once inside that you can buy a ticket for the ferry excursion. If you actually want to ascend the Statue of Liberty it’s at this point that you need to make sure that you buy a ticket that has “Monument Access” on it. Despite the tempting savings, if you plan on visiting several tourist attractions don’t buy a New York pass as I did because you won’t be able to climb the Statue. Nobody will tell you this and there is no way to actually buy a ticket once you’re on the island itself.

It turns out that if I did have the correct type ticket and had climbed up inside the Statue I would have missed the last boat to Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum. Besides, it was getting all a bit too Hitchcockian for my liking.

I didn’t really have enough time in the museum before the last boat back to Manhattan. It was a very quick tour around but still hugely interesting (despite a couple of interactive exhibits being out of order) and in such an impressively restored building. The beautiful Guastavino tile ceiling in the Great Hall stopped me in my tracks for a good few minutes.

I decided to end the day and head back to the ranch via the World Trade Center site where some people where busy taking photos which I found a bit ghoulish to be honest.

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