Halifax – London (169 miles)

Once I arrived at Kings Cross yesterday afternoon I took the Tube to London Bridge and had a touristy walk back along the Thames and on to the Regent Street Apple Store to pick up a new power adapter. Maybe I left my old one behind on purpose to give me an excuse to go and wander around and look at Shiny Apple goodness.

I used to hate London with a passion – kind of how Homer Simpson feels about New York. Maybe I’m mellowing in my old age or I just felt comfortable knowing where I was thanks to the iPhone’s Locate Me feature and Google Maps. Either way, I actually had quite a pleasant day.

Considering where I was today I had a bitch of a time getting any WiFi access. I was at Earls Court at Internet World 2008 which is expecting 18,000 visitors over three days. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be greeted by a host of attractive girls in rubber nurses outfits but I’m not complaining

I started off with the keynote presentation of the Future of the Social Web with Travis Katz which was basically a 30 minute MySpace spiel. There were a few seminars on content management systems which I took in over the afternoon that proved to be more interesting and I finished off the day at the Dangers of the Proprietary Web with the co-founder of Mozilla Europe, Tristan Nitot.

I wandered in between the 300 exhibitors in the gaps in the seminars where a metric ass-load of freebies were up for grabs but I controlled myself as I don’t really need to cart more crap around the World than is absolutely necessary.

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