I’ll be off then

Well that’s it. I depart tomorrow morning on my three month trip around the World and I just “worked” my last day. Actually, it was more like a half-day as I spent this morning with assorted other geeks at the Guardian tech podcast‘s coffee morning in Home House. Thanks in part to the French rapping and American accent I didn’t realise that Yann Seznec was Edinburgh-based but he was in attendance and I got talking to him about his brilliant Wii Loop Machine that I saw online by chance the other day.

God forbid I actually ever leave Edinburgh for good as the leaving parties (yes, plural) for what is essentially just an extended holiday just about broke me. No longer is youthful vigour on my side: back-to-back nights out last weekend left me a little emotional, being over-tired and over-served as I was. A big thank you to my friends for giving me such a great send-off and my employers for letting me go.

I’m all Web 2.0’d up so as well as reading this here blog you’ll be able to keep up with:

Or see everything aggregated at friendfeed.com/nev/

I’ve decided that I’m too old for a rucksack, not old enough for a suitcase, I don’t have a steamer trunk so my large wheeled holdall is the bag for the job. I guess I’d better get packing!

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