WordPress 2.5

The mountain view aside, you’ll not have noticed much difference but I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 yesterday. All went swimmingly this time thanks to using the SVN based upgrade procedure (although I’ve just noticed that my last.fm feed seems to have vanished for some reason). I also took the opportunity to install a nightly version of the K2 theme which should squash a few navigation bugs that you may have noticed in the past.

The aforementioned header image is from the letter ‘F’ installment of the ongoing Hogmanay alphabet tour: Flaine.

Update: I found some more photographs in iPhoto that I thought may make nice header images and a random selection from these is now in place.

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One thought on “WordPress 2.5”

  1. Nice work. I was going to be lazy and wait until it made it into Fantastico de luxe in my cPanel before upgrading, but the new dashboard and features seem pretty nice.

    Plus I haven’t actually properly launched my blog yet, so now’s probably a good time! it’s at http://www.benseven.co.uk/blog

    nice landscape photo, also!

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