I would say that web development for a design agency isn’t akin to other kinds of development. The wide vs. deep theory is still applicable but the edges do begin to blur a little. Nigh-on eight years of mentally loading and unloading different projects while switching operating systems, changing programming languages and hot swapping database architectures have ground me down. The person that knows me best (my mum) thinks that I’ve probably got a touch of the “Reggie Perrins” and her diagnosis is probably not far wrong. She is a nurse after all.

At the end of April I shall be taking a three month break from my job and heading West until I end up back where I started. I’m passing through the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, having some time to myself to think things over. I also plan on taking the opportunity to catch up with family, ex-flatmates, drinking buddies and other friends that I haven’t seen for far too long.

Not quite long enough to be a full-on sabbatical but it seems to be the right time to do it. Elsewhere, some friends of mine are taking part in the Mongol rally in a battered Subaru Sumo while another couple of friends are driving from Scotland to South Africa. I’m wondering if someone else I know is attempting some kind of trek to the North Pole as then we’ll have all points of the compass covered.

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