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WordPress 2.5

The mountain view aside, you’ll not have noticed much difference but I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 yesterday. All went swimmingly this time thanks to using the SVN based upgrade procedure (although I’ve just noticed that my feed seems to … Continue reading

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Emergent development

When the University of California at Irvine built their campus, they just planted grass. Then they waited a year and paved over where people had made paths in the grass. I first heard this in an interview with Larry Wall … Continue reading

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All points covered

I pointed out in a previous post that, between myself and a few friends, we had plans to travel East, South and West and I wondered if I knew anyone who was heading North in order to cover all points … Continue reading

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Amusingly named eateries

Was it not for Kottke, I would have missed this paper on restaurant sobriquets and subsequently an earlier piece on the Guardian food blog. There are some absolutely hilarious examples in the comments but here are some of my personal … Continue reading

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Global travel and technology

During preparation for my impending travels a few snippets caught my eye. Airports are obviously a huge exercise in logistics. Getting through security can sometimes be time consuming but terahertz radiation scanners1 are one way of speeding things up. Obviously … Continue reading

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Size matters

At least it does for web pages. “Try holding your breath for as long as it takes your home page to load. If you are now dead, it took too long.” – Art and the Zen of web sites A … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theories

So Marion Cotillard has been getting flak for not swallowing what the establishment is shoveling and yet Tom Cruise can believe in Xenu without similar adverse reaction? I don’t know what led Cotillard to make the comments she did but … Continue reading

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Bank account security

I opened a new current account ahead of my travels next month having seen the Nationwide “proud to be different” advertisements on the television. They are the only high street bank that doesn’t charge for using your card for purchases … Continue reading

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I would say that web development for a design agency isn’t akin to other kinds of development. The wide vs. deep theory is still applicable but the edges do begin to blur a little. Nigh-on eight years of mentally loading … Continue reading

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Changing attitudes

Of course, reducing our energy consumption isn’t enough if we want to minimise our impact on planet Earth. A major overhaul of our consumerist attitude is also needed. My great aunt recently had to get a new washing machine, the … Continue reading

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