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Giving blood is one of the few things that is totally altruistic these days and is it’s own reward (apart from a chocolate biscuit and cup of tea afterwards that is). Most people don’t do it and this annoys me. Fair enough if you have a genuine phobia of needles but if you try and tell me that you’re simply “just too busy” and you really can’t spare a maximum of two hours a year to maybe help save somebody’s life then I’m sorry, I don’t believe you.

This evening I wasn’t allowed to donate blood for the first time in the eight years that I’ve been giving blood regularly (at least three times a year since 2000). My iron level was 12.4 apparently, which is borderline acceptable but still too low to donate and a sample has now been sent off for further testing. The level is rightly set quite high for donors own safety. I’m now not allowed to donate for six months which I think is somewhat excessive.

I was given a leaflet on what foods I should be eating in order to raise my iron level and it basically just listed my diet: oily fish, eggs, pulses, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, wholegrain rice and green leafy vegetables. I also easily get my five portions of fruit and vegetables in each day too. I guess I’m just tired.

It was also recommended that I drink more red wine and Guinness which I plan to adhere to rigorously!

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