Losing is now a good thing?

Yesterday Toshiba all but threw in the towel on the ultimately redundant next generation movie format battle between their own HD-DVD offering and rival Blu-ray from Sony. Shares in Toshiba went up by five per cent after these rumours. Sony shares rose by only one per cent.

Sure enough, Toshiba today confirmed that they will stop production of HD-DVDs.

Maybe I’m missing something again, but since when did losing become something that inspires confidence in a company? I don’t seem to remember the failing of any number of the bespoke formats (UMD for example) that Sony are so keen on having the same effect on their market value.

I’ve just this moment realised that Sony appear to have actually garnered widespread industry support for their own technology.

For me the winner has always been clear-cut: it may be more expensive but “Blu-ray” just sounds so much cooler. Well, that and the fact that the porn industry decided the winner a couple of years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Losing is now a good thing?”

  1. I read somewhere that the 5% rise was due to toshiba now going to being concentrating on the things that they are good at rather than wasting resource on something that is not suceeding.
    Play had discounted the players very quickly.

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