What’s it all about?

I was looking at a Flickr pool of geek tattoos last week when I saw the following equation:

e i π + 1 = 0

I thought it was beautiful. Maths interests me greatly but I don’t ponder dyadic rationals over breakfast like some of my friends. I studied mathematics for GCSE, A-level and a further two years at university but none of it sufficiently equipped me to understand this. Four seemingly unrelated constants adding up to zero. Coincidence?

Apparently not. It was explained to me in the pub over the weekend by another friend who is far more mathematically adept than myself. I just about followed what was going on. It did however set me thinking about how things like this came to be.

Biblical creationism? I think we can safely discount that. I don’t mean to belittle any religion that many people hold dear but organised worship just isn’t for me. Buddhism has an appeal as a set of teachings with the exception of refraining from alcohol and not eating after midday. If I was pressed as to my religious position I would have to say that I was an agnostic with a very slight leaning to Deism.

Constants don’t evolve. They’re inherent to the World in which we live. I’m starting to think that saying that they “just are” and applying the weak anthropic principle seems like a bit of a dodge.

I’m going to have to try and stop thinking about this now otherwise I’m certain that I won’t get any sleep tonight.

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