I read about the secrets of a slim wallet on Lifehacker a while ago and realised that I could go a little further and stop carrying around several things when just one would suffice1. I’ll freely admit that the camera on the iPhone isn’t fantastic so it hasn’t totally replaced my Pentax.

Now, apart from my keys, I only have one thing to remember to take with me but at the same time, only one thing to lose.

Before: Sony Ericsson k800i, 2nd generation iPod behemoth with headphones and wired remote, wallet, Pentax Optio S4.

Now: iPhone, headphones with inline remote and Krussell case.

The Krussell case has a few slots for cards, in which I keep a business card, my gym card and debit card as these are the ones that I use the most often.

I haven’t included the various docks, cables and chargers in the comparison but taking these into consideration makes using just the single device even more of an appealing option. I do have a way to go before I reach the levels of Australia’s geekiest man.

1 Okay, so strictly speaking I still carry more than one item but everything is kept inside a single thing. Stop splitting hairs.

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