Internet nostalgia

I was reminiscing with colleagues last week about how things have changed. I first made my foray onto the Internet in the early 1990s and had actually forgotten how things used to be. Like how you could tell that the East coast of the USA had woken up and gone online as website response times slowed over here in the UK. Actually, the act of messing around with your modem and going online itself is something that almost seems archaic now.

Ah, the halcyon times of the World Wide Web. Back in the good old days before eternal September. Before Flash, frames, <blink>, JavaScript and even centered text. Heck, you were happy if your browser stayed open for any length of time. Of course this is still an issue for some. Internet Explorer, I’m looking at you.

Kids today with their newfangled broadband, development frameworks, standards and CSS. They don’t know they’re born.

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