Lazy journalism

Is it me or is it now the job of modern day hacks and hackettes to simply regurgitate press releases and rumours while not bothering to check the facts — let alone check their copy for grammar, typso1 and decency?

A case in point is this BBC item from my RSS feeds that I saw this morning:

I checked that it wasn’t just my twisted mind that saw something not very tasteful here by asking a couple of colleagues. I do concede that this was posted pretty early in the morning so it may just have slipped through unnoticed. Someone at the Beeb has since spotted this and the offending news item has now been amended to something a little more appropriate.

Earlier this month we had the mysterious self-destructing palm tree upsetting the guys at Google Sightseeing, the erroneous reports of an alien SETI signal and most reported of all is the story of the adopted twins that got married to each other. This last item appeared in just about every media outlet despite it being a complete fallacy.

1 Before you ask, yes. That was on purpose.

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