Facebook workaround?

Facebook is to face questions from the Information Commissioners Office here in the UK. There is some concern about what information about you Facebook keeps on its servers even after you close your account. It seems that simply deactivating your Facebook account does not remove your wall posts or other such items you may have posted and you have to do this manually which can be a long process if you’ve been a user for any length of time.

I got to thinking about the kerfuffle that erupted when Scoble got himself banned after breaking the Facebook terms of service. You did read them when you signed up, right? All traces of Scoble were removed after his account was suspended. His wall posts and photos were gone and he also vanished from friend lists and groups.

So, if you want a quick way to totally remove yourself from the pages of Facebook (although maybe not their servers) then the answer is simple: break the rules.

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