Tough decisions: gym or TV?

I very nearly went to the gym this evening but I’m still counting this weekend as constituting part of my birthday so I decided to stay in with a glass of wine instead. I’m glad I did as I had completely forgotten about the new eight-week season of Ski Sunday that started on BBC 2.

The days of David Vine commentating are long gone but I feel that the Winter sports magazine has been overlooked and underfunded in the past several years. Pitifully short runs or ratings killing early broadcasts have almost been the death of the show so I was glad to see a new look with elements from Top Gear and some Michael Palin travel escapade thrown in for good measure and actually shown in a prime time slot. I was also much relieved to find out that Sam Fonteyn’s anthemic theme tune Pop Looks Bach has survived the refresh.

As for the racing, what better way to kick things off than with the Kitzbühel downhill? A horrific crash to American Scott Macartney left me hoping that this year wouldn’t be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Thankfully he’ll be okay despite some bruising to the brain. For some light relief, Bode Miller’s outrageous riding of the safety netting was the most thing jaw-dropping thing I’ve seen on the Hahnenkamm since Kristian Ghedina’s spread eagle at 135 km/h off the final jump a few years ago.

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