There’s something in the air

That is, if you believe what you read on conference banners.

It’s only a few hours to go until Steve Jobs kicks off the Macworld San Francisco (MWSF) conference with his keynote presentation and time feels like it is actually slowing down. CES has finished and, as usual, there was a really big television and not much else that grabbed my eye. True enough, wireless power appeared on the horizon once more but Splashpower have been promising us this for several years now. So what have Apple got up their sleeves for the not-so-distant future?


As usual, excitement, anticipation and wild speculation have been rife. As per normal, Gruber hits the nail on the head. Inductive reasoning based on technological developments, job vacancies and patent applications is the norm but some people go to extraordinary lengths to dig up information about what could about to be announced. Coming across a reference to a “MacBookAir” in the Google cache records of Adium usage logs? Honestly, where do these people find the time?

This is what Christmas was like when I was a child before it became an excuse to simply over-indulge in everything and fall asleep in front of the television. Swap a man bringing presents in a red Santa suit for a man wearing a black turtle-neck and jeans and you’re pretty much there.

I may actually forego sitting and watching the usual website and photo updates this year, hide in the gym for a couple of hours and watch the recorded version of the keynote instead.

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One thought on “There’s something in the air”

  1. You had the better plan – live updates are infuriating both in the amount of server downtime and (usually) lack of pictures. Cheers for the link to the video.

    Didn’t do too well on the bingo, haha.

    Hoping to upgrade to a MBP later in the year, so was hoping for a first gen release of a revamped product, rather than a skinny, near-portless shiny wonder. If I needed a notebook I could post somewhere, well…!
    [Though I mock it, I wouldn’t mind a free one, just wouldn’t spend upwards of £1k on it!)

    I was semi-tempted by time capsule until I realised I could roll something ad-hoc for much less money, and it would have more / upgradeable storage. Was quite impressed with the feature additions to the AppleTV though.

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