Targets for 2008

I dislike the notion of New Years resolutions. If something needs changing then I say change it there and then – there’s no reason to wait for another calendar year to come around. I don’t smoke so there are no cigarettes to kick. One of the few (and easier) ways I could be greener would be to cut back on the computer usage a little but that’s as likely as easing up on the other common bad habits such as drinking “too much” caffeine and alcohol. Regardless, here are a few things that I’ll be trying to address over the next 12 months.

  • Get back in shape
    Yes, I know that round is a shape too. I’m not quite at that stage yet but I did gain close to a stone (five kilos) over Christmas. What with breaking my foot toward the end of the Summer it was nearly December before I felt like training again and by that time I’d lost all impetus.
  • Spend more time in the kitchen
    Another thing that I’ve got out of the habit of is a good few hours cooking on a Sunday afternoon and making meals for the week ahead. Plus I find it quite therapeutic so it should help me relax.
  • Learn jQuery
    Opinion is divided (and in some cases partisanly so) between jQuery and Prototype. I’ve pretty much used the latter exclusively before now due to being more programmatically complete with concepts such as function currying but another web technology in my quiver is always a good thing.
  • Start using GTD principles
    I’ve been toying with David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity system for a good few months but have yet to jump in with both feet. After playing with the alpha release of Things for a while now I think that I have finally found the software to help me.
  • Stop buying shiny things
    This may be the biggest ask of them all when there are only a few days to MacWorld San Francisco. Apple already announced their Penryn based Mac Pro a few days ago which clears the way for more exciting products next Tuesday. Maybe nothing that you can configure up to costing £18,000 – but at least at that price you can heat your home and cook your food on it.

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