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Lazy journalism

Is it me or is it now the job of modern day hacks and hackettes to simply regurgitate press releases and rumours while not bothering to check the facts — let alone check their copy for grammar, typso1 and decency? … Continue reading

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Sometimes I’m just not that bright

Of late, in-and-among the pop-culture dross that seems to somehow pass itself off as newsworthy, I’ve noticed a lot of items on the state of the stock markets. I do understand the basic tenets of commerce. However, the exchange of … Continue reading

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How wrong can you be?

It appears that the answer is very. Especially if you happen to be the Met Office who supplied the weather data that the BBC presented to me this morning. A little on the chilly side I thought, but it looks … Continue reading

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Facebook workaround?

Facebook is to face questions from the Information Commissioners Office here in the UK. There is some concern about what information about you Facebook keeps on its servers even after you close your account. It seems that simply deactivating your … Continue reading

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Tough decisions: gym or TV?

I very nearly went to the gym this evening but I’m still counting this weekend as constituting part of my birthday so I decided to stay in with a glass of wine instead. I’m glad I did as I had … Continue reading

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There’s something in the air

That is, if you believe what you read on conference banners. It’s only a few hours to go until Steve Jobs kicks off the Macworld San Francisco (MWSF) conference with his keynote presentation and time feels like it is actually … Continue reading

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Final awards of 2007

“Final” in every sense of the word for the nominees and eventual winner of the Darwin Awards 2007 (ironically announced in the same week as 12 school districts in Florida effectively banned the teaching of evolution). For the uninitiated among … Continue reading

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Targeted ads

Just when Facebook stops displaying fliers for gay nights in Edinburgh to me (at least they got the city right), it now insists on serving me adverts in Norwegian for some strange reason1. Handbags and hair straighteners also make regular … Continue reading

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Targets for 2008

I dislike the notion of New Years resolutions. If something needs changing then I say change it there and then – there’s no reason to wait for another calendar year to come around. I don’t smoke so there are no … Continue reading

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Personal data security and porn star names

It may have escaped your notice somehow but towards the end of last year we had some trouble with personal data going missing here in the UK. Why low-ranking people had access to all of this information and why it … Continue reading

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