Maybe this is the verb Amazon wants to replace “reading”. I’m not convinced that they’ll succeed. The Kindle is the new e-book reader from Amazon and one of the topics of conversation at last Friday’s ECM. Coupling the high price of this device with the notion of paying for content from blogs and news sites that you can ordinarily access for free on the Internet and also paying once more to load content that you already own makes this device a non-starter as far as I’m concerned.

Initial cost and content pricing aside, I find the aesthetics simply fugly. Which is suprirsing surprising considering the background of the employees of Lab126. Former employees of Palm and Apple run the start-up but looking at the Kindle design I can’t help but wonder why they are ex-employees of Palm and Apple.

So the Kindle has sold out almost immediately. This comes as no surprise to me as pretty much anything that has an ounce of hype behind it does so. This is usually due to under-stocking to create a false impression and lets the marketing department release the good news to the newswires.

However I think the biggest failing of the Kindle is the fact that it isn’t a plain old-fashioned book. I love a good gadget as much as the next geek but the whole concept of e-books is actually lost on me and is something I feel tries to address a non-existent problem.

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2 thoughts on “Kindling”

  1. Yes, I think you’ll find it’s a perfectly cromulent new word. Or something.

    Anyway, thought you were supposed to be on holiday, relaxing and enjoying some downtime away from computers?

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