Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

I’ve been using Leopard for three weeks now and while I am finding it an improvement from 10.4 (Tiger) there have been (and still are) some issues. In the past I’ve waited for a couple of updates to be released from Apple. However in this case I was one of the early adopters (or Beta testers as we’re sometime referred to).

In my opinion, the new security updates alone were worth the update. Time Machine facilitates an easy backup solution. The geek in me loves the AppleScript and official UNIX status. The exhibitionist in me loves the iChat screen sharing and Photo Booth backdrop effects.

On the other side of things the firewall is awful (and shipping with the firewall turned off by default has just staggered me. This is a huge goof and most un-Apple of Apple.

The audio popping issue that first reared it’s head for some people (although not for me) in 10.4.10 is plaguing me. When nothing is playing and my external speakers are doing nothing, they’ll sporadically emit a click or a pop. This may (or may not) be the same audio sleep issue as before or it may be something to do with the new AAC-LD compression.

The Bluetooth toys from Address Book have disappeared. I can no longer send SMS or dial from address book. Good news for Mira Software I guess. I did tend to use these features a fair bit and will actually miss them.

Mail persistently crashed. I thought that it may be the encryption plugin as that was the only modification I made so I removed the GnPG Mail bundle. That didn’t solve the problem and I was starting to toy with the idea of a reinstall. I then discovered that it was a problem with GrowlMail but it took me another few days to work out how to delete it. Disabling or removing it from System Preferences wasn’t working and it would appear again once I started Mail up. I finally realised that I had to remove the bundle from /Library and not ~/Library where I’d been looking beore.

Apple have released the first Leopard update in the three weeks that I’ve been using Leopard. More will come in time — I just hope the audio popping issue is one thing that will be fixed ASAFP.

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One thought on “Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)”

  1. Blue Phone Elite 2 is an excellent app – would highly recommend it. The battery update I installed seems to have fixed my wifi situation so all I’m really missing at the moment is hardwaregrowler which frequently crashes. Oh and I’d love to re-arrange the category order in the sidebar so I can get to my ‘places’ easier than ‘shares’ which gets in the way in any save/open dialogue box.

    Also need to fork out for the new iLife apps at some point!

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