And another thing: Extranyms

While I’m venting my spleen I may as well get this off my chest.

Extranyms: the frickin pointless repetition of the final word that constitutes an acronym. Like when people refer to ATM machines, PIN numbers, RAM memory, SOLAG gloves or the HIV virus.

Several people have lain claim to independently coming up with this word. I thought of it also but toyed with the idea of calling them “redundanyms” for a while before finding out that it wasn’t just me who was annoyed by their increasing usage. Others were calling them extranyms and I eventually decided I preferred this.

0 ≠ O

This has been an annoyance for a while now but I’ve finally snapped after seeing the iPhone posters in the window of the O2 shop on Princes Street.

I was a little confused at the timing of the launch (6:02pm) and put it down to either some arcane regulation about opening times or allowing Apple to get the jump on their own carrier for some egotistical reason or other.

Then TUAW pointed it out to me (while also delivering the brilliant news that “unlimited” does now in fact mean unlimited — well done for listening to the furore). 6:02pm. O2. Frickin lame.

“Zero” is not and never has been pronounced the same as “Oh” but most people (including the nice 1471 lady) will persist in using the latter when reading out a phone number. Even James bloody Bond says “double oh seven” and as far as I can recall only Tiger Tanaka in You Only Live Twice calls him zero zero.