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We’ve all encountered a captcha before (although you may not have known at the time). The “enter this obfuscated text in this form field” device that is supposed to stop automatic creation of user accounts or prevent comment spam postings by web robots.

That’s all well and good (unless you require an accessible version — many do not offer an audio alternative). However I’ve never come across them while simply trying to search Google.

Google Captcha

I was trying to search for the keywords “php submit post” to get some references for some code I was writing and having trouble with. Everything was fine after entering the captcha but it seems that this only appears sporadically.

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One thought on “Enter captcha to continue . . .”

  1. I had this captcha today whilst trying to use Google over Vodafone. You can’t submit the text in the text box because there is no submit button. Nokia’s S60 browser doesn’t send the onblur() or whatever event desktop browsers do, so it’s now off-limits. Boo!

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