The Yorkshire war cry: How much?

I recently found out a few things about the local PFI hospital and quite frankly couldn’t believe what I being told. Now the entire private finance initiative hasn’t been without controvesy. A quick Google search currently demonstrates this quite well as there are very few positive results listed.

What I have most trouble in getting my head around is the whole contracting culture involved. Volunteers couldn’t redecorate family rooms for free and ease the strain on the budget. No, they’d cost £400 each for a coat of paint. To change a light bulb? That would be £75. You need a patient taking for X-rays? A porter will set you back £15 — and the same again to bring the patient back to you.

The word that was used in the conversation to describe what has happened to the NHS over the past ten years was “decimated”. Too many managers and not enough nurses.

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