Third party development

There’s only a few weeks to the release of the iPhone to the UK market but after several months of availability in the USA there’s still no sign of a proper SDK for third party developers to build applications for the iPhone. Yes there’s Safari and web-based apps but can these access the whole system — like camera or address book for example?

Apple may have their public reasons for not allowing native apps and others have their view but I’m starting to wonder if it may be not a little bit of snobbery on Apple’s part. Think back a couple of months to Facebook’s announcement of third party applications. Despite the initial excitement no application has blown anyone away. Pirates, Zombies, Vampires. Well whoop-de-doo. I can’t help but think that the Steve would go bat-shit crazy if anything like this was to pollute the iPhone.

What does the iPhone really lack on the software front? Obviously different people would like different things but I’m sure not going to miss the extraneous crap that vendors like Sony Ericsson insist on giving you. Kind of analgous to the pre-loaded software on a new Dell.

I can see an official Apple iPhone SDK being released at some point in the future — but not quite yet. Let the initial giddiness subside and then announce some kind of approval process for third party applications, somewhere along the lines of how it works for the Sidekick.

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