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I have a cunning plan

Research into climate change seems to be a shoo-in for funding these days. However that all studying and analysis sounds to be a bit too much like hard work for my liking. I propose to just circumvent this by liberal … Continue reading

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The Osborne effect

In the early 80s pre-announcing details and price points of your new product could prove to be disastrous. Especially so when there was a delay in releasing said new product. Everybody knows that this is what happened to Adam Osborne … Continue reading

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Happy anniversary!

I noticed earlier on that this October is one year since I started sporadically blogging. I thought I’d try and mess around with the monthly archive code to try and tidy the navigation up a little. I’d also have a … Continue reading

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The Gambler

“You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, Know when to walk away and know when to run.” Kenny Rogers, The Gambler This is the song that is being played by the England Rugby team … Continue reading

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Whisky tasting

Last night I went along to a tutored whisky tasting with Alex and Jane from the Spencerfield Spirit Company. The products we sampled were the Pig’s Nose and Sheep Dip whiskies with chocolate, Christmas cake and some hot and cold … Continue reading

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The Yorkshire war cry: How much?

I recently found out a few things about the local PFI hospital and quite frankly couldn’t believe what I being told. Now the entire private finance initiative hasn’t been without controvesy. A quick Google search currently demonstrates this quite well … Continue reading

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Smaller = Faster

We use remote .ics files in the office for our calendering with Apple iCal and Thunderbird with the Lightning extension. The files have got to be pretty unwieldy as some of them date back to late 2004. Thunderbird in particular … Continue reading

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Third party development

There’s only a few weeks to the release of the iPhone to the UK market but after several months of availability in the USA there’s still no sign of a proper SDK for third party developers to build applications for … Continue reading

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Urban Downhill

I spent the afternoon watching the Hearts vs. Falkirk match on Saturday (while nervously keeping an eye on the Australia vs. England Rugby World Cup quarter-final — third victory from three matches I think, which means we get to keep … Continue reading

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“For my next trick”

So David Cameron (the leader of the opposition) spoke for an hour without autocue and just “some notes” and I’m supposed to be impressed? I’m sorry, but BFD. Thousands of people do exactly the same every day as part of … Continue reading

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