In Soviet Russia, goggles ASCII you!

If you understood that then apologies for the obligatory joke. If you didn’t then I can safely assume that you’re not a regular at Slashdot where I came across this on the RSS feed at the start of the month.

ASCII renditions of things just keep on impressing me. It started at university with FIGlet generators, returned last year while watching the 2006 FIFA World Cup and then once more a good few weeks ago standing 10 meters away from the computer monitor to watch a VideoLAN real-time transcoded version of a HD stream from a colleagues home media server.

Now it’s possible to do this while walking around using these ASCII goggles to present you with a view of the World in a Matrix/Terminator style. Actually ASCII is only one of the possible filters available. Cool but not without use for a change I’d say – surely these things could quite easily be modified to assist people with any number of eye defects.

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