Most. Pointless. Things. Ever.

I know a lot of things on the Internet are pretty pointless. Entertaining maybe, but ultimately pointless. Here are two things on Facebook that are pointless and utterly devoid of any entertainment value whatsoever.

Firstly is the handy information that “You are online now” when viewing your own profile. Really? Gee thanks for, like, lettting me know.

Next up is something I didn’t know before this weekend. You can actually “poke” yourself — if that’s your kind of thing. After searching on your own name, you get this option appearing in the results. It doesn’t even appear in your mini-feed so nobody will find out your secret hobby.

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One thought on “Most. Pointless. Things. Ever.”

  1. Aha yes, but if you have one of the many entirely useless applications ‘superpoke’, any action you do to yourself shows in the superpoke feed and mini-feed.

    ‘Ben has used the force on himself”, etc.

    It’s all gone a bit Myspace with all the additional apps – there are some really worthwile though, check out ‘friend wheel’ as well as all the obvious convergance ones for, flickr etc.

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