Take five steps back

One of my major pet peeves is the airport baggage reclaim scrum. For some reason the British seem to have a reputation for good queuing etiquette. You only have to observe a line standing perpendicular to the pavement at a cash machine or sandwich shop at lunchtime up-and-down the country to notice that the wisdom of crowds concept doesn’t always ring true.

People at airports who have been separated from their possessions for a couple of hours seem to behave like idiots. Maybe it’s the anxiety of leaving their property to the ineptitude of the airlines. Regardless, if everyone just took a few steps back and only approached the carousel when they have actually seen their bag, grab it and then move back everything would be far easier. To those people who were crowding around and were in my way at Edinburgh airport last night, I apologise for my little outburst.

Maybe some kind of yellow box junction painted three feet around the edges of the conveyer belt would do the trick.

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One thought on “Take five steps back”

  1. You could borrow the yellow box junction from train stations, and then maybe you could also reduce the number of stupid people in one master stroke…

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