BBC Podcasts

This morning saw the last BBC Breakfast video podcast of the trial period. I really hope that this trial showed the Beeb that this kind of thing is really popular.

My morning routine is pretty, well, routine I guess. My MBP wakes up about 15 minutes before I do and with a little bit of AppleScript downloads new podcasts and syncs my phone. I was able to watch the news headlines on my own schedule, pausing and restarting while eating my breakfast, showering and generally getting my things together for the day ahead.

The BBC also launched its iPlayer application today. This is along the same lines as Channel 4’s 4oD and allows Windows XP (for now) users to watch BBC TV shows for up to seven days after their initial broadcast. I’m a little peeved that an OS X version isn’t out yet but we’ve been assured there’s one in the works. This is the end result of work that started back in 2003 with the innovative use of P2P technology in the then monikered iMP and I can’t help but feel that the delay in getting this full release out has harmed its appeal.

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