Talk about an overreaction

In case this hasn’t made it to your part of the World, the UK has had a little rain recently. The aptly-named flood plains have obviously flooded and damage estimates are around £2.5bn. Some of the affected house prices in these areas have halved and insurance quotes quadrupled.

However I have been less than shocked by dramatic helicopter footage of rescue workers wading ankle deep through water pulling a dingy behind them. People who have been branding this a “catastrophe”, “disaster” and a “crisis” need a bit of a reality check. As for those suggesting that we need aid from countries like Bangladesh “because we helped them out” . . . sometimes I just despair.

Coincidentally, has anyone else noticed that it hasn’t really stopped raining since Rihanna (featuring Jay-Z) has been number one in the UK charts with “Umbrella” (the first time in a decade that a single has stayed at the top spot for more than 10 weeks). Stop buying it people and lets have some Summer!

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