In celebration and memoriam

It may no longer be fashionable to be be British but it was refreshing to see a celebration of probably one of the last bastions of Britishness today – The Falkland islands. My brother was part of the II Para battalion representation in the parade in London today and for the soldiers to be cheered by crowds who are usually expressing exactly the opposite emotions over the current-day situation in Iraq meant a great deal to them.

Political devolution I can understand but the Cornish National Liberation Army attacking restaurants owned by Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver last week was just beyond me. It seems that nobody wants to be called British anymore. From Newcastle, down through Yorkshire to Cornwall and everywhere in between it seems that everyone wants to be thought of as disparate. Is it a need for identity, a backlash against an ever-looming European constitution or are these two sides of the same coin?

I’m not trying to gloss over any of the terrible things that the Empire was responsible for in the past but it seems to me that by shunning this concept that’s exactly what is going on.

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